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When Next 15 needed support implementing their new learning platform ‘Learn Amp’ they asked the team at Marvellous Learning if they could help with light touch consultancy and content strategy.

how we supported

Marvellous Learning first worked with Next 15 in Jan 2021 to support the initial launch of their new learning platform. At the time there was a lean internal team managing the implementation and the consultancy provided was minimal with regular calls to provide coaching and direction along with the provision of some templates to increase engagement across the project and to support the launch.

In addition to the consultancy the team at Marvellous Learning created a number of e-learning packages for launch, these were based on pre-existing content that was transformed for a great user experience and maximum impact.

The learning platform was initially launched into three brands within Next 15, each having their own version of the platform. A few months later Marvellous Learning was approached by the team and asked if they could support the implementation across the remaining 19 brands.

Working alongside the Next 15 team a strategy was developed for deployment of content and platform with 3 brands set to deploy every 12 weeks. This would involve brand engagement, the platform and content strategy design and a full end to end implementation plan for each brand.

Shortly into the first set of brand deployments (phase one) and during the engagement of the brands for phase two, the timelines changed and a compliance led deadline was set to have all brands live within the next 5 months.

The strategy was reviewed with the team at Next 15 and a new content/implementation strategy was designed with all learnings from phase one applied. The new strategy received great feedback and it became the basis of the new plan.

During the implementation phase various technical challenges arose and were addressed however they did not impact the end date and challenge.

All brands were engaged and live within the timelines defined with over 70% of the brand estate completing their initial required learning within the 8 week period post launch.

The brands adopted their platform and took positive action to further develop it for their people.

the results

what NEXT15 say

Marvellous Learning led a major Learn Amp LMS roll out across our growing portfolio. Sara’s deep knowledge of learning challenges and theory is significant, that coupled with her implementation knowledge ensured a successful rollout across our 26-brand portfolio.

Kyla Britton, Head of Learning and Development